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I have been privileged to travel all over the world, meeting many extraordinary people from all walks of life. I invite you to share with me a tour of Home Styles of the Rich and Gated.

It was not until my mid fifties that I had the ability to look back on my life and see clearly that it was not just a two column list of successes and failures but a series of lessons and accomplishments leading me on a path of discovery to where my true purpose lay. I have written ever since I was thirteen when my first article on the horror of bull fighting was published buy Queen Magazine in England.

In my twenties I worked for Harpers Bazaar in London. Shirley Lord, a brilliant writer, is responsible not only for teaching me the ropes, but what it takes to be a journalist. I have been writing ever since, either as a job or a hobby. Not until I finished a six hundred page auto biography which I handed out like homemade lemonade on a hot day to anyone willing, was I made aware of the fact that I had any talent. I chose not to publish it till an appropriate date.



David Applebaum
In the midst of busy Hollywood is a small cul de sac street, flanked by old oaks and magnolia trees shadowing country English and ranch style homes from the hot afternoon sun. My stop is at an impressive modern glass gate which begs curiosity and opens with slow majesty. It is the home and work place of Architect to the Stars, David Applebaum.

The Mastros
It is easy to fall instantly ‘in like’ upon meeting Robin and Michael Mastro. They welcomed me with a magnetizing ease and grace which seemed to emanate from an inner glow that radiates around them.

Dianne York-Goldman: a name to look out for and be remembered.

She’s got the house, the style and quite definitely, “She’s Got the Look

Behind palatial gates, Peter Solomon lives surrounded by the splendor of his imagination and Lord of his dream Manor.

To know her is to love her…..

Luise Rainer, with two back to back Academy Awards for best actress, is the last of the great legends.

Philip Treacy crowns the international elite with plumes of glory.  His millinery creativity is sought
after by the world’s most celebrated designers.

My mother, a revered actor, gave birth to me in the New York hospital on June 2nd 1946, by caesarian section which makes me a baby boomer. This was only fitting since everything she did fell into some notable category. One hour before her surgery, she was able to bribe my father against doctors orders to bring her a box of chocolates, the entire contents of which she devoured before anyone could stop her. While I was being introduced into the world by only the best medical hands, my mother proceeded to vomit those recently consumed chocolates into her gas mask, causing an acute case of pneumonia and a buzz of concern. All this occurred while New York was suffering a record heat-wave. Though my mother anticipated my arrival with longing and love, I was produced with a top coat of drama that became a familiar part of my life. Everything around her five-foot, three-inch and ninety pound frame was laced with excitement and salted with challenges. She is the roller coaster of my existence. She gave me obstacle courses that taught me to brave challenges and the insight to coat myself with a sense of humor. I adore her, look up to her and want nothing more than to please her. She was the one who gave me the gene for creativity. My father, a publisher of rank and responsible for some of the great writers of our time, had a strong sense of inner self with a keen whit and the humility to always allow my mother have center stage. He was an intellectual with captivating good looks and a gentleman in the true sense of the word. My father gave me the gene of tenaciousness and insight into the magic of other human beings and positive thinking. He complimented me freely. He made me feel I could do and be anything in life I wanted. He told me I could write.

Born in America, raised and educated in Europe from age nine, I married in Italy a brilliant young Italian Architect and his family. Five years later I left him to come to California, bag in one hand, my four year old Luisa in the other. I had enough dowry money in cash, rolled into tampons and thus defying a then currency moratorium, to start a new life with my daughter. Taking off with three skirts, three blouses, three day plus evening attires and three of everything else my daughter and I might need for this new chapter in our lives. I have no idea whether the course of action was done on impulse or owing to irreconcilable differences. Luisa is now married to Gods gift to women with two magnificent children who make me want to play the role of an Auntie Mame as well as grandma;. I met my second husband, a Californian; handsome, debonair financial broker who could sell ice to the Eskimos, he is a successful broker to the Stars. We had a rollercoaster life and love affair for twenty three years. He still lives happily, a prince amongst many women. He gave me my second beautiful daughter Nicole, now twenty eight.

It is now seven years since I moved to a Paradise called La Quinta, California. For several years I worked passionately on the development for a dearly needed Performing Arts Centre which the McCallum Theatre took over am proud to say is being developed by them. Now I share my life with a wonderful man and do what I love; bringing you Home Styles of the Rich and Gated.

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